In half of mass shootings, the shooter exhibited warning signs indicating that they posed a danger to themselves or others before the shooting.

HOMESAFE1STTM IS A "SHARED COMMUNITY AWARENESS APP" that allows family members of high-risk individuals/youth to give permission to search areas of their homes for UNWANTED OR ILLICIT GUNS OR DRUGS that loved ones may have hidden.


Homesafe1st™ also allows friends, peers or neighbors to non criminally report incidents of concern with high risk individuals within their schools, work or community environments.

How it Works ?

  • Parents and Guardians Identify locations of Concern via submission to the app
  • LAW Enforcement Officers Perform non-criminal consent search of identified location of concern
  • LAE Enforcement Officers safely confiscate unsafe firearms and/or dangerous contraband and refer family members to appropriate services for help

Areas of preventon:

  • Mass shooting events
  • Hate Crimes
  • Teen & Veteran Suicide
  • Drug abuse
  • Urban Juvenile gun crime
  • Internal Corporate Security & employee threat lost prevention

At HomeSafe1st™, we believe that our success at saving lives will depend on scrupulous adherence to the promise of no prosecution. An innovative feature of HomeSafe1st™ app is the use of a "Consent to Search and Seize" form to secure legal access to the residence. Residents are assured that the sole purpose is to confiscate dangerously possessed contraband & firearms possessed by juveniles and that by providing written consent to search, their loved ones would not be charged with illegal possession of a firearm or contraband. Communities seeking interventions to reduce gun violence and drug abuse, especially among youths, might consider using™ consent searches as part of a comprehensive violence prevention & recovery strategy

Why Homesafe1stTM ?

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